General description
Trailer for field handling and deploy-ment of two (2) spools of power cable. The cable spools are Ø96-in OD x 68-in. wide and typically weigh 20,000lbs. ea. (40,000-lbs. for two cable spools). The trailer is typically used in conjunction with tensioner trailers and other equipment dedicated to deploying and assembling power cable.

• 2-Axle trailer has legal (per bridge law) payload carrying capacity of 52,000-lbs.

• Mechanical (leaf spring) Hutchens suspension has 50,000-lb. capacity.

• Cable support spindles and brakes are specified by customer. They are built into trailer frame at two positions. These two areas are designed to hold lbs. each, with maximum spool outside diameter 96-in. and width 68-inch.

• Trailer structure has two outside wide flange beams with king pin plate structure, transitional primary crossmembers and standard crossmembers.

• King pin is Ø2-in or customer preference.

• Rear “dozer push” structures project off rear of trailers to allow bull dozer to push a stuck trailer. Structure is integrated into trailer frame to allow 100,000-lb. push force from rear.

• Catwalks and fold out walkways with handrails can be deployed during a job and stowed during transit.

• A “fair lead” structure at the rear of the trailer may be deployed and used to control cable connecting to tensioner unit. This feature can be enhanced with addition of vertical and horizontally oriented neoprene lined rollers (specified by customer. Vertical cable handling structure at rear of trailer can be laid down and fastened to deck during road travel.

• Dual tires are 11R22.5 (standard model).

• Dimensions:
Overall length: 465 in (38-ft, 9-in)
Width: 102-in (8-ft, 6-in)
Height, maximum, unloaded: 116 in (9-ft, 8-in)
Height, maximum, loaded: 149.5-in.
(12-ft, 5.5-in) (with rear cablehandling structure deployed).

• Weight (unloaded, estimated): 13,000-lbs.

• Standard running lights meet DOT and other legal requirements.

• Custom features added as requested.

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